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Our Partners

Wolf Trails

The story of two friends and their passion for the African bush. Hans Pichler, the founder of WOLF’S TRAIL, and his friend Wolfgang Leitner – a native of         Klagenfurt who has been living and working in Johannesburg for around 30 years – have undertaken countless range tours together over the past 20 years, alone or in the company of like-minded friends ATVs and rooftop tents – through the African bush.

Ultimate Adventures

The name really speaks for itself! – Ultimate Adventures. It all started 11 years ago, with the dream of exploring Africa’s wildest destinations while delivering top quality self-drive tours that the whole family could enjoy. Attention to detail and personalized service was the foundation of our business and hasn’t changed throughout the years. We have braved the snow-covered passes of Lesotho, to the highest dunes in the Namib, from beginners to professionals and even tracked from Joburg’s busy life to Tanzania’s magnificent Serengeti migration, if you ask us, we have done it all.

Ultimate Adventures is our baby, and as a husband and wife partnership comes passion, dedication, and with this we differentiate ourselves from the rest. Our mission is to make every adventure memorable and to create stories that will be told for years to come. Every person on an Ultimate Adventures trip arrives as a guest and leaves as a family member!

One thing to remember…. you don’t have to have the best 4×4 by far, you don’t have to be the most experienced camper, what you have to be is a lover of the outdoors, the one that seeks new adventures and new friends, one that enjoys sunsets and sunrises with a twist, may it be elephants in your view, or the never-ending valleys and mountains of Africa’s finest destinations…. let’s be honest, no one could say no to this!

The Safari Expert

Lifelong photographer, nature conservationist, freelance travel writer, photographic safari guide and most recently, YouTube star, Villiers Steyn is worth the watch. His channel, called The Safari Expert is his platform to share all my safari adventures. His videos are very diverse and contain everything from wild destinations, awesome sightings and exciting trip reports to photographic gear reviews, Lightroom tutorials and even interviews with other safari experts. You can check out the channel by clicking HERE.

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