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Fit Your Bakkie with a Load Bay Cover at Big Country 4×4

Do you own a large 4×4 bakkie and are in the market for a proper load bay cover? Big Country is your supplier of Tourtops in South Africa! Formerly known as Smartops, Tourtops deliver a professional and smartly designed load bay cover that have multiple functions to serve your off-roading and 4×4 needs. Today, we look at the advantages of fitting your bakkie with a Tourtop and what you can expect from this invaluable addition to your vehicle.

Utility and Security – All in One

We live in a country where vehicle security plays a pivotal role in our everyday driving and commuting – especially when travelling with loads in the back of your bakkie. A Tourtop delivers a safe and secure load bay cover that features locks that sit flush on the cover itself – negating the use of an external lock that can simply be broken and forced open to gain access to your bakkie’s load bay. Tourtops are dust- and water-resistant to ensure that the contents of your load bay are protected against the natural elements as well.

When we look at the utility side of things, we find that the Tourtop features a load bay cover that doubles as a loading rack – capable of supporting up to 200 kg in total weight. If you have your Tourtop all loaded up and want to access your load bay, the Tourtop cover will carry and support the weight on it, even when you open it up. You also have the option to reinforce the struts of the load bay cover to allow it to carry more weight.

Getting More Out of Your Load Bay Cover

Most load bay covers do not offer the integrity, quality, and utility of the Tourtop – as the Tourtop is designed for optimal functionality and the perfect fit on most makes and models. Tourtops are manufactured from top-quality materials and metals that can withstand the test of time and heavy off-roading as well. Big Country 4×4 can fit your Tourtop with a wide range of useful accessories such as bicycle mounting brackets, spare wheel brackets, and jerrycan holders to give you the means to set out on your own journey and have everything that you need for your journey into the wilderness!

Big Country 4×4 is your Utopia if you own a large 4×4 bakkie and want to deck it out with useful accessories! Feel free to browse our website for details on our available products and accessories and contact us directly with any enquiries. Bring out the best in your bakkie with Big Country 4×4 on your side!

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