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Quality 4×4 Drawer Systems for Additional Storage Space

When you are looking for 4×4 drawer systems for your vehicle, Big Country 4×4 is your first choice! We offer a sensible range of drawer systems that can be fitted to a variety of vehicle models that includes SUVs and bakkies with fitted canopies. These systems are designed to expand vehicle functionality and storage space by creating dedicated and secure storage drawers and room for mobile fridges. Today, we discuss some of our options and what you can expect from these 4×4 drawer systems.

The 90 ℓ Combo Drawer System for the Toyota LC200GX

This 4×4 drawer system is a neatly designed, robust system that offers a space-efficient solution for Toyota LC200GX models. This system has room for a 90-ℓ National Luna or 60-ℓ Engel mobile fridge. The design also includes dedicated mounting room for the dual battery that powers the fridge, along with completely removable side panels that fit perfectly over the inner wheel arches. If you want to fit this system, we recommend that our expert fitters at Big Country 4×4 do it for you at our fitment centre.

The Zambezi Drawer System for Ford Ranger 2012 to 2022 Models

Our range of 4×4 drawer systems includes the Zambezi drawer that fits Ford Ranger models from 2012 to 2022. This extremely robust drawer storage system is specifically designed for use in light-duty vehicles (LDVs) within an environment that is expected to be dusty. It also features an optional extra fridge cage for those who want to fit their Rangers with a mobile fridge. The twin drawer setup features removable side panels that fit perfectly over the wheel arches to increase available storage space.

The Zambezi 4×4 drawer system features drawers that run on sealed roller bearings to ensure that dust particles cannot enter the bearings or track on which they run. These drawers have sensible weight capacity to give you the means to load your bakkie with a variety of items and accessories when exploring the wilderness. The drawers have interior carpets, as well as carpeted tops, to minimise content movement during driving, and are completely lockable to ensure optimal security when your vehicle is stationary.

Big Country 4×4 is your solution to 4×4 drawer systems for your SUV or bakkie! Feel free to browse our website for a complete range of drawer systems and visit our fitment centre today if you are interested in any of our products for your 4×4 vehicle. Get the most out of your 4×4 with Big Country 4×4 in your corner!

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