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Selling and Fitting 4×4 Drawer Systems in Gauteng and the Western Cape

When you want to extend the storage functionality of your bakkie, Big Country’s selection of 4×4 drawer systems can add useful and secure storage space in the loading bay area of your vehicle! We have fitment centres in Gauteng and the Western Cape to assist you with installing various vehicle accessories that include awnings, roof racks, Tourtops, and canopies to name a few. Today, we talk about the functionality of a drawer system for your 4×4 and the benefits that you can expect from installing such a system for your bakkie.

The Function of a 4×4 Drawer System

The primary function of a 4×4 drawer system is to extend the storage capabilities of an LDV (light-duty vehicle) and grant more secure and dedicated storage space in the loading bay of the vehicle. There are several loadout options to choose from – with custom options and additional extras available as well. As a result, you can utilise your 4×4 drawer system in any manner that you see fit – with a loadout that not only fits your vehicle, but also fits your lifestyle.

The Zambezi Drawer for Brand-New Ford Ranger Models

As part of our vast selection of 4×4 drawer systems, we offer the Zambezi drawer that is designed to fit Ford Ranger models of 2023 and onward. This storage system is robust and ideally suited to environments that can become dusty – making it perfect for exploring the bushveld. It features a twin drawer with removeable side panels for easy access to the storage space above the wheel arches. These drawers run on sealed roller bearings to ensure that dust particles cannot cause any friction issues.

The Zambezi 4×4 drawer system’s drawers can carry an impressive 150 kg load per drawer and features interior carpets to ensure that the drawer contents have limited movement while driving. The drawers are also fitted with carpets on top of the casing and are lockable for safe and secure storage. This drawer system features a fridge cage as an optional extra to keep food and beverages cold and at ideal temperatures when exploring the bushveld.

When you need a supplier of 4×4 drawer systems in Gauteng and the Western Cape, choose Big Country 4×4 for an all-inclusive selection! Feel free to browse our website for details on our available vehicle accessories and products and contact us today if you have any enquiries. Choose Big Country 4×4 today and bring out the best in your bakkie with us in your corner!

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