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Canopy – BT50


This superbly finished off product has earned it’s place in the market as one of the best.

  • Specialised aluminium frame with polished aluminium roof to reduce inside temperature
  • Reinforced roof with built in T-Slots for attaching accessories
  • Sheet metal hatches with built in T-Locks and gas lifters
  • Powder coated in White or Black for super strong finish
  • Sliding window on the cab side an standard window in the rear hatch
  • Negative pressure vent fitted as standard feature


  • Aluminium Body
  • Sheet Steel Side Hatches
  • Sheet Steel Rear Hatch with Glass Insert
  • Powder Coated White or Black


  • Total canopy mass unfitted 70kg
  • Dynamic load capacity 150kg
  • Static load capacity 250kg

This superbly finished off product has earned its place in the market as one of the best.
Available in either white or black at no extra charge (metallic colours can also be done, but at an extra cost, conditions apply)
The roof is polished aluminium and has integrated tracks, this keeps the inside cooler and also makes the mounting of any accessory really easy – it also means you do not have to drill holes!
Aluminium Frame, sheet steel hatches, supplied with a cab sliding window, standard window on the rear hatch, negative pressure vent, you simply do not get better value for your money than with a Big Country 4×4 Canopy.

Weight63 kg
Dimensions160 × 170 × 55 cm


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