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Zambezi Single Drawer + Truck Slider – Navara


Get the best of both worlds with a Zambezi Single Drawer with Slider. A single drawer on the left hand side a that covers the full length of the load bay in a double cab, as well as a half size Tourtop Slider with integrated M8 T-Slots throughout that simplify the addition of tie down points and make mounting other accessories much easier.

Availability: 1 in stock (can be backordered)

  • Extremely robust
  • Runs on heavy duty telescopic sliders
  • Carpeted inside and on top
  • Powder Coated drawer face
  • Removable side panels for access to space next to wheel arch
  • Drawer can be locked in the open position
  • Integrated Truck Slider
  • M8 Nut Slots throughout slider


  • Galvanised sheet steel
  • 12mm Carpeted Superwood
  • 720g Ribbed Carpet
  • 180g Trunk Liner


  • Mild Steel Frame – Powder Coated Black
  • Aluminium slatted Base – Powder Coated Black
  • Heavy Duty Telescopic Sliders

Drawer is good for loads of 90kg’s (Evenly Distributed)

Slider is good for loads of 150kg (Evenly Distributed)

  • Drawer External Width: 476mm
  • Drawer External Length: 1400mm
  • Drawer External Height: 275mm
  • Drawer Internal Dimensions: 430mm(W) x 1350mm(L) x 225mm(D)
  • Slider Internal Dimensions:  500mm(W) x 1400mm(L) x 120mm(D)
  • Slider floor adds 50mm elevation to load bay


An extremely robust storage system ideally suited for use in an LDV where the environment is likely to be dusty.
This single drawer is supplied with removable side panels for easy access to the useful storage space over the wheel arch on the left hand side of the vehicle.
The drawer runs on Heavy Duty Telescopic Sliders and are capable of carrying over 90kg. Be sure to check the limitations under the TECH SPECT drop down on this page.  The drawer is carpeted inside and on top, and has a Black powdercoated face and is lockable.
The slider is designed like our Tourtop Slider. Made from the same extrusion as our roof racks, extra strong and more lightweight than any of the sliders we have offered in the past, with M8 nut slots throughout the extrusion for easy mounting of tie down points.

Weight98 kg
Dimensions101 × 152 × 35 cm


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