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Tourtop Bakkie Covers in South Africa

When you are in the market for a quality bakkie cover in South Africa, Big Country 4×4 is your comprehensive answer! We offer a selection of Tourtop covers that fit a variety of bakkie makes and models to ensure that you can get the most out of your bakkie’s load bay. We also sell and fit various vehicle accessories that are designed specifically for roof racks and Tourtop load bay covers – expanding your bakkie’s functionality even further to tackle the great outdoors without any limitations!

What is a Tourtop Bakkie Cover?

Formerly known as a Smartop, a Tourtop bakkie cover is a hard-shell cover that fits perfectly over the load bay of your bakkie. Not only does such a cover provide extra storage room, but it also provides a sensible solution to load bay security. The Tourtop is fitted with locks that sit flush on the cover itself – avoiding the need for extra locks to secure the cover and the contents of the load bay. A Tourtop cover is manufactured from high-quality materials to ensure the integrity of the bakkie cover and allow it to carry up to 200 kg of weight on top of it. This cover is dust- and water-resistant as well – giving you peace of mind that your load bay contents are protected against the natural elements.

Tourtop and Roof Rack Accessories

At Big Country 4×4, we offer a sensible selection of Tourtop and roof rack accessories to go along with your bakkie cover and expand the storage space of your vehicle. If you love to explore the wilderness on your own terms, you will be familiar with MaxTrax tracks that can assist you to get out of tough situations. We offer MaxTrax brackets for both roof racks and Tourtops, as well as cargo chocks, jerrycan holders, gas bottle holders, and bicycle mounting brackets for a complete and comprehensive selection. We also sell bottle openers that can be mounted onto your Tourtop or roof rack.

For 4×4 Enthusiasts, By 4×4 Enthusiasts

Big Country 4×4 is a vehicle fitment centre that caters to the specific needs of the 4×4 enthusiast. We started as a company that primarily focused on vehicle accessories for Land Rover Defenders and expanded our horizons to where we are today – offering various solutions for 4×4 and bakkie owners in South Africa.

If you are interested in fitting your vehicle with a Tourtop bakkie cover and want to add some useful accessories to your Tourtop while you are at it, trust that Big Country 4×4 has you covered! Feel free to browse our website for details and prices on our available vehicle accessories and services and bring out the very best in your bakkie with us on your side!

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