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Tourtops for Sale in South Africa

Are you looking for a load bay cover for your all-terrain vehicle? Big Country is your supplier of Tourtops in South Africa! Also known as Smartops, Tourtops are an ideal solution for load bay covers that offer more accessibility and versatility than standard covers.

Big Country offers a wide selection of 4×4 accessories that also include roof racks, load bars, awnings, and gull wings to only name a few. Our Fitment Centres can transform your vehicle from factory stock to a conquering all-terrain vehicle that can get you where you want to go. Today, we will focus on Tourtops and how these load bay covers can contribute to your 4×4 experience!

What Do I Get with a Tourtop?

Tourtops are the definition of utility – acting as load bay covers that utilise the cover to not only secure your load bay, but also create useful storage space on top of the cover itself. These tops feature built-in anchoring slots and can handle a load of up to 200 kg. They are fitted with built-in dual locks that do not require the use of padlocks on your cover. These covers are water and dust resistant to deliver a platform that is sturdy, secure, and protective – all in one!

Tourtops are manufactured from stainless steel and aluminium to make them tough and ready for the great outdoors. The dual key locks are perfectly integrated into the design of the load bay cover to ensure that the locks are not damaged when driving. Tourtop covers feature gas struts to hold the cover and keep it open, even with a full load on top of it. If you want your top to carry a heavier load, stronger gas struts can be fitted to accommodate your needs.

Our Selection of Tourtops and Accessories

At Big Country, we sell tourtops for the Toyota Hilux Revo, Ford Ranger T6, and VW Amarok bakkies. We can also fit your tourtop with a smart slider, bicycle mounting bracket, jerrycan holder, spare wheel bracket, and MaxTrax bracket to give you ample dedicated storage space for all your 4×4 essentials. In the end, if you want a load bay cover that is tough as nails, water and dust resistant, and can carry its own load, our selection of tourtops is your answer!

Big Country is your all-encompassing answer when you need a load bay cover for your bakkie in South Africa! Please browse our website for details on our available accessories and contact us today if you have any enquiries. Big Country – for 4×4 enthusiasts, by 4×4 enthusiasts!

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