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Your Solution to Vehicle Awnings in South Africa

When you need a vehicle awning for your 4×4, Big Country is your first choice! We offer an Ostrich Wing awning that sits perfectly on the roof of your vehicle – with various customisation options to add to your new rooftop accessory. Today, we talk about what you can expect when fitting such an awning onto your vehicle, the various options when it comes to fitting kits, and the additional extras that you can buy to extend the functionality of your vehicle awning.

What Can I Expect from the Ostrich Wing Awning?

The Ostrich Wing vehicle awning is manufactured from 320GSM rip-block canvas to deliver a quality product that can provide shade and cover from the natural elements when you are exploring the wilderness. This structure is supported by aluminium frames to keep it rigid and sturdy when opened – providing 11 m2 of shade and taking less than 30 seconds to erect. It only takes a single person to open the awning and can be used without the need for any support poles in the ground.

A Wide Range of Fitting Kits

The Ostrich Wing vehicle awning comes with a variety of fitting kits to ensure that you pick the ideal one for your vehicle. The fitting kits include a standard roof rack fitting kit that is designed for vehicles with sturdy roof racks, a front runner roof rack fitting kit, 2 universal fitting kits that include a rhino rack option, a bundu top tent fitting kit, a penthouse tent fitting kit, and a load bar fitting kit. Our website provides more information on every individual fitting kit to give you a better understanding of which one will best fit your off roader.

Additional Extras and Add-Ons

As part of our vehicle awning products, we offer a selection of optional extras and add-ons to the Ostrich Wing awning. This range of products starts with a variety of side panels that include plain and windowed panels. These panels are available in 2,1-m and 2,4-m sizes and attaches easily to the awning itself. If you plan to attach 2 or more side panels, we advise that you implement support poles for your awning to keep its structural integrity. We also sell support poles and LED light kits to round out our selection of accessories and add-ons.

When you need a solution to a vehicle awning for your 4×4, Big Country is your first choice! Please browse our website for details on our available products and services and contact us today with any questions about how we can enhance your 4×4 to make it ready for the great outdoors.

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