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Your Supplier of 4×4 Awnings in South Africa

Are you the proud owner of a 4×4 vehicle in South Africa? Big Country 4×4 is your supplier of a variety of useful accessories that include 4×4 awnings, roof racks, drawers, and Tourtops to name a few. We also have fitment centres where we can install these accessories onto your vehicle. In this article, we talk about our selection of 4×4 awnings, accompanying accessories, and how we can bring out the best in your vehicle.

The Ostrich Wing Awning

The Ostrich Wing 4×4 awning is a robust roof-mounted accessory that is perfect for taking with you into the wilderness. Its frame delivers a 270° shading and is manufactured from 320-gsm rip block canvas that is supported by aluminium frames. When open, this awning provides 11 m² of shade and takes less than 30 seconds to set up. It only requires a single adult to set up the awning and it can be used without any vertical support beams as well. You have a choice on which side of your vehicle the frame should be mounted, along with 2 canvas colours (olive and grey) and 2 bag colours (black and olive) to choose from.

The aluminium frames that are used for the Ostrich Wing 4×4 awning are built from purpose-made extrusions and constructed in a “truss” design that is pivoted on nylon bushes to deliver excellent sturdiness. The awning can also be fitted with side panels and additional support poles to ensure that the construction does not collapse. Side panels can be bought in a kit or separately, dependent on what your preferences are. These panels attach to the primary awning with a Vision zip and can be fitted in various positions.


Big Country 4×4 sells a variety of accessories for your Ostrich Wing 4×4 awning. These include side panel kits, fitting kits, LED light kits, rain strap kits, and adjustable support poles to ensure that you can maximise your awning to suit your needs and preferences while in the wilderness. Big Country 4×4 can also fit your vehicle with a variety of other accessories to further enhance your 4×4 vehicle and make for the ultimate explorer.

Big Country 4×4 is your first choice when it comes to 4×4 vehicle accessories in South Africa! Feel free to browse our website for details on our 4×4 awnings and accommodating accessories and bring out the very best in your 4×4 with us on your side in 2024. Big Country – for 4×4 enthusiasts, by 4×4 enthusiasts.

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