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Your Supplier of 4×4 Drawer Systems in South Africa

When you want to extend the storage functionality of your bakkie’s loading bay, Big Country 4×4 is your solution in South Africa! We sell vehicle canopies and 4×4 drawer systems that synergise to deliver a smart and professional solution for bakkie owners. We also sell and fit a variety of 4×4 vehicle accessories to extend your bakkie’s functionality in the bushveld. Today, we talk about 4×4 drawer systems and what you can expect when fitting one of these systems to your vehicle.

What Can I Expect from a Drawer System?

We offer a sensible range of 4×4 drawer systems that can be customised to fit your exact requirements. We also sell drawer systems that are specifically designed for certain vehicle makes and models. These include options for Toyota Hilux Revo models, VW Amarok models, and Ford Ranger models from 2023 onward. Our range also includes options for SUVs – ensuring that we can accommodate a wide selection of 4×4 vehicles.

The Zambezi Drawer for the Volkswagen Amarok

Our selection of 4×4 drawer systems includes the Zambezi drawer system that is specifically designed for the Volkswagen Amarok. This drawer system features a highly robust storage system that is perfect for use in a light-duty vehicle, such as the Amarok, when driving in dusty areas. The drawers run on heavy-duty roller bearings that are completely sealed to avoid any dust collection. The interior drawer floors are carpeted to ensure minimal movement during transport. The drawers also feature carpeted tops to create additional storage space.

The Zambezi 4×4 drawer system features powder-coated finishes on the drawer faces to protect them against dust accumulation and deliver a robust and durable finish that will last for a long time. This drawer system also features removable side panels to grant access to additional storage space next to the wheel arches. The drawers can also be locked in the open position for ensure stable loading and unloading functionality. When evenly distributed, each drawer can handle a load capacity of up to 100 kg. This system is manufactured using galvanised sheet steel and 12-mm carpeted super-wood to deliver rigidity and durability.

Big Country 4×4 is your first choice in 4×4 vehicle accessories in South Africa! From vehicle canopies to 4×4 drawer systems, we offer a wide range to enhance your bakkie to fit your specific needs. Feel free to browse our website for details on our available products and visit our showroom today to see our products on display. Take your bakkie to the next level with Big Country 4×4 on your side!

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