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Your Supplier of 4×4 Vehicle Canopies in Gauteng and the Western Cape

Do you own a 4×4 bakkie and are looking for a supplier of quality vehicle accessories? Big Country 4×4 is your first choice in Gauteng and the Western Cape! We offer a variety of accessories that include vehicle canopies, awnings, Tourtops, and roof racks to name a few. We also sell a selection of attachments to accompany your Tourtop, canopy, and awning. Today, we discuss the functionality and application of vehicle canopies for your bakkie and what you can expect from our selection.

How Can I Utilise a Canopy?

The primary function of vehicle canopies for 4×4 bakkies is to extend the cabin area by enclosing the loading bay with its own roof, essentially. This is ideal for transporting items that can be damaged by exposure to weather and sunlight and can prove useful for camping trips as well – extending the available secure storage space of your 4×4. At Big Country 4×4, we also offer roof racks that can be attached to the top of your vehicle canopy to further extend the available storage space.

The Ford Ranger T6 Canopy

The Ford Ranger is one of the most popular 4×4 bakkies in South Africa and is locally manufactured and assembled. Because of its popularity, you are bound to find a wide range of vehicle accessories that are specifically engineered for this bakkie – with our T6 canopy being no different. This legendary canopy is available in black and white at no additional cost and can also be finished in metallic colours at an additional cost. This uniquely shaped canopy is guaranteed to let your Ford Ranger stand out from the crowd!

The roof of the T6 canopy is manufactured from aluminium and features a polished finish and integrated tracks – keeping the interior cabin area cool and simplifying the mounting process of various accessories on top of the vehicle canopy. As a result, there is no need for you to drill additional holes in your canopy to fit your accessories. The frame is also manufactured from aluminium and features steel sheet hatches for optimal structural integrity. The windows open in a gullwing style to provide uninterrupted access from the exterior of the vehicle. This canopy also features a negative pressure vent.

When you need a supplier of 4×4 vehicle canopies in Gauteng and the Western Cape, Big Country 4×4 is your definitive answer! Feel free to browse our website for details on our available canopies and contact us today with any enquiries on how we can turn your standard bakkie into the bakkie that you have always dreamt about!

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