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Your Supplier of Awnings for Your 4×4 in South Africa

Are you an outdoor 4×4 enthusiast and in the market for an awning tent for your vehicle? Big Country 4×4 has you covered! We sell Ostrich Wing Awnings and accompanying accessories to ensure that you can set up and enjoy camp wherever you find yourself in the great outdoors. We also sell and fit roof racks, Tourtops, and accommodating accessories to expand the storage and functionality of your off-road vehicle to its maximum potential!

Ostrich Wing Awnings

The Ostrich Wing Awning tent delivers a robust product that is ideal for your outdoor explorations. It features a 320-gsm rip-block canvas that is supported by a couple of aluminium frames – providing 11 m² of shade. This awning tent is easy to operate as well, only requiring one person to open the bag and let the tent spread open without the need for any support poles. The aluminium support frames are built from purpose-built extrusions and constructed in a truss design that pivots on nylon bushes for ultimate sturdiness.

Add-Ons and Accessories

The Ostrich Wing Awning tent is available in various configurations to ensure that you can get the ideal configuration that fits your vehicle. It is also available with additional side panels and support poles to give you the means to expand your awning into a complete tent. These side panels attach to the primary awning tent with a Vision Zip and can be fitted in any position to accommodate your needs. If you need some extra light, we also sell an LED kit that fits the frame.

Awning Tent Usage

The Ostrich Awning tent is suitable for use in mildly windy conditions – without the need for any vertical pole support. However, if the wind picks up, we recommend that you tie the frame down by using the provided eyelets and using 3 poles to support the upright position of the awning tent. If the weather conditions worsen, we suggest that you pack up your awning tent and find other means of shelter. Do not leave your Ostrich awning open and unanchored when going to sleep at night, as unpredictable weather conditions can cause damage to your awning throughout the night.

Big Country 4×4 is your all-inclusive solution to 4×4 vehicle accessories in South Africa! From awning tents to roof racks and Tourtops, we can fit your vehicle with all the necessary accessories to conquer the challenges of the great outdoors! Feel free to browse our website for details on our available products and fit your 4×4 with quality accessories with Big Country in your corner.

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