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Your Supplier of Bakkie Covers in South Africa

When you are in the market for a quality bakkie cover, Big Country 4×4 is your answer in South Africa! We offer a wide variety of accessories and useful products for 4×4 enthusiasts – with a fitment centre to accommodate your needs. Our range of Tourtops covers almost every bakkie in South Africa and can deliver a viable option for both professional and off-road solutions. In this article, we discuss the benefits of a Tourtop and what you can expect from this elite bakkie cover.

What is a Tourtop?

A Tourtop is a bakkie cover that is designed to sit perfectly on your loading bay and enhance your loading bay’s features. It is fitted with M8 nut slots on all extrusions on top, underneath, and on the side areas of the cover – giving you the freedom to fit various accessories onto your Tourtop. Tourtops are completely welded to ensure a rugged and durable addition to your bakkie. The cover itself is loadable and lockable – with locking mechanisms that are designed to sit flush on the cover for optimal security. These covers are water- and dust-resistant and is ideal for driving in dusty areas.

How Can I Utilise a Tourtop?

Tourtops are more than just your regular bakkie cover, as the cover can be fitted with a variety of accessories and is completely loadable. The cover can also be fitted with heavy-duty gas-powered struts to increase its load capacity. It is important to note that the load capacity should correlate with your vehicle’s load capacity to avoid overloading your vehicle. Big Country 4×4 also sells Tour sliders that can be fitted underneath the cover for even more accessibility and functionality for your loading bay.

With the M8 nut slots, Big Country 4×4 can trick out your Tourtop and give you a bakkie cover that works to your benefit – whether you are in the wilderness or on the open road. These accessories include jerry can holders, MaxTrax brackets, gas bottle holders, spare wheel brackets, and bicycle carriers to only name a few options. Our fitment centre is equipped to fit a Tourtop onto your vehicle, along with all the necessary accessories that you want to add on your bakkie cover.

Big Country 4×4 is your first choice when it comes to bakkie covers and 4×4 accessories in South Africa! Feel free to browse our website for details on our available products and kick off 2024 on the right footing with us in your corner. Big Country – for 4×4 enthusiasts, by 4×4 enthusiasts.

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