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Your Supplier of Roof Racks in South Africa

Are you a 4×4 enthusiast who needs a new roof rack for your off-roader? Big Country is your answer! We have a wide range of roof racks, load bars, and accessories to create useful storage space on the roof of your vehicle. Big Country started out as a vehicle fitment centre that offers accessories for Land Rover Defenders. Since then, we’ve grown into the ideal fitment centre for 4×4 enthusiasts – offering accessories for a multitude of SUVs and off-road bakkies in South Africa!

Our Range of Roof Racks

When it comes to roof racks, Big Country offers a comprehensive selection that covers most off-road vehicles that are available in South Africa. We also sell load bars for Land Rover, Ford, and Toyota vehicles, along with various roof rack accessories to make the most out of the available roof space. Roof racks are generally used as a platform for installing spotlights and brackets. At Big Country, we have a sensible range of accessories that can transform your vehicle into the ultimate explorer!

Roof Rack Accessories

When you are out in the wild – driving where your heart tells you to go – you need reserve storage for fuel, spare tyres, and gas. Our range of roof rack accessories kicks off with single and double jerrycan holders to give you the means to refuel your vehicle wherever you are. We sell spotlight brackets that bolt on directly to your roof rack, along with MaxTrax brackets to ensure that you have a dedicated storage area for your MaxTrax tracks. We can also assist with spare tyre brackets, gas bottle holders, and bicycle mounting brackets.

Why Should I Consider a Roof Rack for My 4×4?

If you have an all-terrain vehicle and love to explore, our selection of roof racks can be your solution to additional storage space, dedicated brackets and holders, and making good use of your vehicle’s roof area. At Big Country, we aim to fulfil your off-roading needs by fitting your vehicle with the necessary parts and accessories to conquer the great outdoors on your own terms. Our Fitment Centres are equipped to deliver top-quality roof racks, load bars, and accessories that are specifically designed for your vehicle’s make and model – whether you drive a Mercedes G Wagon or a Toyota Hilux.

Big Country is your first choice when you are looking for roof racks in South Africa! Please browse our website for details on our available accessories and feel free to contact us directly with any enquiries. Bring out the best in your 4×4 with Big Country on your side!

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